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Just look into my eyes, wrap your warm hands around my heart and tell me the pretty little lies.

You tell me you love me, I feel the uncertainty in your words but I don’t really care if it’s fake.

The feelings I have for you are so strong … I can’t imagine being without you.

When I am with you I am in my mind, but when you go, I get out of my mind. I don’t want you to leave; stay and tell me the sweet lies that give me butterflies.

Your expectations are so high but I always keep on trying, and trying extra hard because I don’t want to loose you.

I sit in the corner of our house and think about your lies. I have nothing else to do than to break and cry.

The way you love me and care about me is just an illusion that I wish would come to reality.

I don’t have the strength to leave because I still cling on to hope that one day you will look at me and confess how you can’t live without me, I hope that one day you’ll break out in tears and beg for my love.

You always have a way of twisting your lies, me being naive you make me fall innocently into them.

You don’t like confrontation, every time we try, there’s gravel in our voices and in the tug of war hell breaks loose.

You’ll always win even when I am right because you feed me fables from your hand, with violent words and empty threats.

It’s sick that all these battles are what keeps me satisfied.

Catching you lie is not what makes our relationship successful but understanding why you do so; without feeling bad.

Now the time has come.

There you are giving me countless reasons, opening your hurt and being vulnerable before me, my wish is just to see through your eyes if you are being sincere.

I would like to believe you but you have lied far too many times.

My time has come and yours has passed. You knew that I would leave, you knew it would die, you knew that it was breaking me and you still continued with your lies.

You shall hate to see me leave, I don’t care if you’ll burn the house to ashes, I don’t mind seeing you loath on the floor with tears.

I won’t call you perfect, a lie is never a compliment. You are an erratic, you are damaged and an insecure mess.

I don’t advocate violence, its time for me to leave so that you can mend your broken bridges.

All this and enough said, you are still my hero even if you have lost your mind.

I still love the way you lie.

Lying in a relationship is so common and difficult to detect. It’s no easier to tell if a stranger is lying than if your partner is. Do not stay in a violent relationship. A successful relationship should be founded on trust and honesty no matter how ugly.


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I never imagined that you and I of all people would go through something as devastating as we did.

When I was standing in the altar waiting for you, I never imagined I will ever lie on our bed without you, when we danced together on our wedding song, I never imagined it would be our last time dancing together.

Loving someone is one of the most vulnerable position in which you can be. You open your heart to another person and your best wish is for him or her to love you in return.

We all have stories to which we quietly hold tightly, and sometimes even force our minds to forget and wish to wake up in a different world where no love exists.

You asked for respect I gave you love, asked for honesty I opened my heart to you, you asked for happiness and I gave you heaven. I gave you everything and even broke my heart loving yours for an unrequited love.

To be honest I hurt, the feeling is like my heart is reaped out of my chest daily and like my soul is separating from my body. Sometimes I ask myself why love has to hurt this much when it’s supposed to be the most profound feeling.

I would like to forget all that happened and live in the present but am always caught up in the past or in the future … the beautiful memories of the happy times we shared and the good times that lied ahead of us.

No matter what we spoke so passionately about our future which we wanted to build together.

Life with you used to be an escape.

The movies on the couch and bed enveloped warmly around your arms, walks on the garden late at night, the long late phone calls talking about sweet nothings and spreading our love in our favorite restaurants.

But somewhere along our journey the road separated and I lost you. I never thought that love was this powerful enough to make my knees weak and buckle just by your thoughts.

I have fought and fought, so that I can feel your love again … even just for a moment but I can’t fight anymore all my strength_ is drained and my heart is dismantled.

It is so clear now that we were reading on different pages all along; all the fights and disagreements. Our differences were supposed to compliment us but you took it as a competition, your pride hailed so high and made the eyes of you heart hazy to realize this.

“I love you and a part of me will always do but I am not in love with you. I love you because I cannot hate you; I love you because you are the mother of my children

We have become strangers living in our own world. We barely touch each other anymore and I rarely feel your lips against mine.

We have lost our love and I swear I have searched high and low trying to find it, I have screamed and I have yelled, I have cried and I have begged … but it is gone and I can’t search for it anymore.

Those better tomorrows that I wished for us… I can’t wish for them anymore.

I am broken … and I want nothing more than to escape from this prison. These days I lie down on that bed not to dream of us and our future but to dream of a way out.

I want to love, I want to laugh, I want to dream with someone who wants to dream with me, I want to look into someone’s eyes and see my future with them, I want to be with someone who wants me and I want her back who desires me and can turn against the world for us.

You have to set me free, free from this captivity of marriage I didn’t see coming and believe me this is what I want for you too.

You are a key that does not unlock me anymore.

I am tired of shielding my emotions, tired of going into defense and tired of concealing my pain. It is like taking poison expecting another person to die.

My only joy comes in knowing that happiness` sneaks in a door that you didn’t know was open.’


Love you forever and always

I have journeyed along the path, life has pulled me in many directions, given me a completely new perspective and introduced me to new people.

Everyone I have met this far has played a part in my story. While some have taken up chapters and most just scribbled notes.

You are the one I want to grace all of the pages I have yet to write.

This is far from being just an illusion in my head, wait could it be?

All that I am I have given to you willingly without holding back.

This is wrong love that is not even supposed to be thought of, but what do we do when the feeling is stronger than us, when it is like a burning sensation from head to toe.

What you are is rare to find even if I turned the whole world world upside down.

I would give anything for them not to take you away from me.

You are a poetry to a world that is still learning the alphabet. And if i had one wish, I would allow you to see how much you mean to me through my eyes.

You are my sunshine and you can never know how much you mean to me, I don’t want you to stop shinning on me.

This words that you whispered have become my muse, they linger on my thoughts day and night.

Our kind of love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our mind. This is what I hope to give you forever.

It is hard for us to be together but its even impossible for us to be apart, I have defaulted to things and made many mistakes as I try to push you off, I have allowed people into my life who do not even fit my heart.

But none of them awakens me like you do.

I have come to know that, time is very important and should not be wasted on a person who does not make your heart scream.

I have made myself unavailable, but to those that have tried, some have been kind, others caring and some loving but none has made my heart beat the way it does when I am with you.

There are no words to describe the type of pain go through when I am with you but can not have you, to imagine that you are gone and you are not in my world anymore.

It just hurts… like hell.

The sun does not shine as brightly, life moves a little bit slower and my heart_ it just does not beat the same anymore.

There is numbness_ to everything…

And for the longest time I have ventured along this broken road in hopes I would find something that would give my heart a reason to beat normally again.

Pain made me fear it would not, but faith led me to believe it would.

One thing I know is that you are my Romeo and I am your Juliet.

Mine to love and to hold.

Kenya an exemplary of beauty

You would be hard-pressed to find a country that doesn’t offer any natural assets, but some are more naturally gifted than others.

Like Kenya for example which is steeped in history, lauded with bountiful natural beauty and renowned for refining its cultural elegance. It is undoubtedly a gorgeous African country with lush plains, aweinspiring mountain ranges, impossibly beautiful weather, a coastal region that rivals the Caribbean and gracious warm people.

The following are reasons why Kenya is a country to blow your mind.

Amusing cultural diversity

Kenyan culture blends African traditions from thousands of years with the modern influences of the 20th century.

The multifaceted Kenyan culture is expressed in different forms ranging from its people and language, food, music and dance, art, artifacts, theatre and literature to its ethnic values and norms. These forms of expression and lifestyle form an identity that is uniquely Kenyan.

The Kenyan coast

Kenya has a variety of coastal region where people can relax and enjoy the spectacular scenery it offers, some of the most beautiful coastal destination are;

Tiwi: This is a small place that offers fantastic coastal views, as well as interesting places to explore, also you can engage in a range of activities if you love nature.

It is located north of Diani beach and 17km south of Mombasa.

Diani: Diani beach located 30km south of Mombasa, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Africa. It is well known for its crystalline sand and it is a good choice for anyone who chooses to tour, relax and chill during their Holidays.

Kiwayu: it is an exclusive island located in the east coast of lamu Archipelago. The scenic island lies in the kiunga marine national reserve.

Nyali: This is a coastal area that offers a lot of fun and adventures for vacationers. It’s located close to Mombasa. And many more coastal lines.

Fascinating wildlife

Kenya is a world attraction for its rich abundance of wildlife, most of which can be found in its national parks and reserves.

Kenya is a home to 25000 different animal species that vary from the ‘big five’ to hyenas, jackal, bat-eared fox etc.

The most natural wonders of the world is the migration of the worldbeest in the maasai Mara. Kenya is surely breath taking.

Amazing weather

In Kenya you will enjoy a wonderful tropical climate. It is generally warm all year round, with plenty of sun shine and cooler nights and mornings.

If you are a visitor you will get to enjoy the warm sand on the beaches and a joyous trip to the national park l, since Kenya lies on the equator hence the seasonal temperature changes are not extreme.

The hottest month of the year are February and March with temperatures as high as 34°c while the coolest season falls between July and August with temperatures dropping to around 16°c. If you live in a much colder country, Kenya is the perfect escape.

Camping sites

The camping sites in Kenya offers adventurous travellers the chance to escape the crowds and see some of the country’s most beautiful sites from the rugged comfort of their own tent.

You can be able to visit camps in parts of the country like; Mt. Ololokwe, near isiolo, Amboseli, maasai Mara.

With no doubt Kenya is natural beauty and it continues to make a place for itself on the world stage, its abundant agricultural and natural resources, educated man power, diverse yet cohesive population and vision for the future will see it emerge as a leader among African nation..

Love kenya


Love is a constant choice not just a feeling. It’s something you choose to do more than feel.

To love someone is an active experience. Love is action. Love is commitment. Love is treating your partner with respect even in the toughest time. Love is saying I love you even when the words can’t come out. Love is the little things we do to show our partners that we love them.

Most relationships will fail because some partners spend time thinking of what they are not receiving from the other, rather than thinking of what they should give.

The reason why some people choose not to love are like, taking your partner for granted.
We do not invest much time in our constant relationships because we know that they will always be around. This causes the love and romance to fade away slowly. Make a choice to love each day and keep the romance alive.

Another reason is the fear of Vulnerability.
Our excuses and fears are not realities unless we attribute power to them.
Most partners will fear to take the first step in fear of what might happen. “what if I keep giving and giving yet nothing changes,” “what if my feelings are not reciprocated?”

In order to have a vibrant, wonderful, loving relationships someone has to take the first step and whoever does will inevitably enjoy the results of an individual who has made a choice to grow.

NOTHING HAPPENS ON ITS OWN we must make choices.

Why women hate on each other

There’s nothing more annoying than when a man asks why women are so mean to each other. It’s annoying because I can’t deny or defend it, as it is true.

I have struggled to understand what is happening between women and so at a complete loss in understanding this aspect of my gender.
It is ironic how women generally dislike each other, some don’t even have a single bone of evil in their bodies but tend to despise the other woman in a blink.

If you have found yourself throwing daggers at another woman for reasons not known even to yourself PLEASE, read on, so that we can learn and create a conducive world even for the latter generations.

Girl hate can range from a number of things but there has to be a root. Envy being one of them.
When the next woman has it all, the shoes she wants, a booming career, GOOD EYEBROWS, beauty and good body shape etc. We tend to just resent each other. The best thing to do is befriend that person and receive free advice though to some pride wouldn’t let them.
As the saying goes ” show me your friends and I will show you your future.”

Another thing is insecurities. This causes women to be at a constant war with themselves to be a certain way. Am sure you have heard people say,
“Women bosses are tougher on women employees.”
This is something I have never understood but something I know is that, women fight for approvals and assurance and other women become their biggest threat. Sooner or later insecurities will cause your self esteem to reduce significantly.

Lastly competition. Females are creatures that react on emotions and action. A number of women love attention and when it diverts to another woman they become their enemy number one.

It would be arguably right to say that, most women are selfish, self centered creatures who thrive on suffering and defeat of others and find discomfort when they see qualities on others which they lack.

Let’s learn to love ourselves and have self wholeness for who we are without comparison, appreciate each other and pull others up because.

To all women.