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Happy Anniversary

this message was requested by Eliud. for his girlfriend on their anniversary. if you’d like to send your loved one sweet w sweet message like this please contact me through 0712236840

If anyone had asked me whether we’d last this long months ago. I don’t know what my answer would have been. We loved; we leaped. Over the course of our time together, we’ve put each other through a lot.

Harsh words, regrettable actions, but we always cleave to one another and offer forgiveness. It it’s not love, I don’t know what is.
You’re the only person that awakens my being, makes my morning brighter and my memories worth to remember.

The first time I saw you, I felt like the whole world stopped and helped me stare. Every time I watch you open those beautiful eyes, I gaze at awe just thinking of how blessed I am to spend the rest of my life with you.

You’re a true exemplary of beauty, even if I were blind, within my heart I could still see the beauty; that is you and in you because your beauty is not only is a facial mode but it is also reflected deep within your soul.

I think of you a couple of a hundreds time and one thought always reminds me of all the wrong dreams I had been chasing all my life until I found you.

I feel like everything in my life has led me to you. My choices, my heartbreaks, my regrets. Everything. And now I’m with you my past seems worth it, because if I had done one thing differently I might have never found you.

You make my life so perfect, so beautiful, so meaningful, so enjoyable and so complete that no one else can take your place in my life. I truly love you.

This anniversary is not meant to be a reminder of a long journey. But it is meant to be a mark of good times that we are yet to see.

I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Let me love you if not for the rest of your life. Then for the rest of mine.


Letter to the one I love..

The minute I heard my first love story I started looking for you, not knowing how blind I was coz lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other’s way all along.

I fell in love with the way you touched me without using your hands and now all I wish is that you could feel my arms about you tight holding you up all through the night.

To know that I am there and never away far and that I will remain where ever that you are. That you could press back into my warm embrace and feel my soft touch warm against your face.

Or you could shift your thighs and press against me tight to feel my body’s heat and my lips kissing you light.

You annoy me more than I ever thought possible. But I want to spend every irritating minute with you. I wish that you could hear my softly whispered song to pull you into sleep for it’s here that we belong.

That you could hear me say all you need to hear as I tell you of my love whispered softly against your ear. And you could feel my breath warm against your skin as I let my presence beg you to let this true love in.

Even when we fight and I put up a wall, I want you to climb over it and show me that you still care. Because of you I laugh a little harder, cry a little less and smile a lot more.

You are mine and only mine all rights reserved.

My love.

This is for you

I know that the world feels a little bit smaller for you, I know that you feel even more alone when you are in the crowd.

I know that you’re hurting.

There’s nothing I would love to do right now than to reach through and give you a hug just to assure you that everything will be alright.

They say that sadness is the absence of happiness and since she was taken away from you the world has been the most lonely place.

Right now life has given you several blows on your face, and just when about to stand adds another hit on your stomach reminding you how much your lungs loved the warmth of her embrace.

Every time you take a pen and try to write a letter to her because you are so afraid that instead you will start drawing her face and realize how much you miss her you draw prisms and stars.

When you’re with your friends you bite off your tongue and swallow it so that you cannot yell out her name.

No matter how wide you will stretch your fingers they can never be long enough to catch your pain and there are days when you will open your hands receive but only end up with blisters.

I know this because I’ve been through it, I understand your pain and the emptiness inside your heart.

I know you had this whole idea of how your life would be with her.

But she was gone too soon and may her soul rest in peace.

Even if you have all this people in your life that love you, it feels so much better to have one person who knows and loves you.

I know you would give absolutely anything to change all this.

But one day you’ll go to the abyss and set up a camp with a white flag surrendering yourself to who you are and the situations you can’t change and other people in the abyss are going to see that flag and you will help them surrender to who they are.

You might not feel this right now but I love you and you are loved.

So long.

Hello vengeance

As much as it’s evil I’ll be correct to say that there’s no greater feeling than the satisfaction of a successful revenge.

Looking at the person who never saw your worth beg for your attention couldn’t be even more profound.

But deep down when you’re alone you know that it hurts, you know that you’d give up anything to be with this person even if he doesn’t respect you.

Most of the time the silent pain of emotional withholding is what fuels us to seek for revenge.

I have also been through this at one point in my life and came to realization that it’s not worth.

Revenge is a very human response to feeling slighted and we are very atrocious to knowing it’s effects, nothing comes free in this world and so in exchange for gratification there is a price you will have to pay.

If you become an ex who is purposed to make your ex or partner suffer You find that you’ll never move on but keep on dwelling on the same situation and there on remaining unhappy and less benevolent.

Do not waste your tears and sacrifice your kindness on a person who doesn’t deserve, don’t let your smile and joy fade away.

Do not seek sympathy on sad songs and mad songs.

Keep your head high, go out with your peers live a life that you deserve because if he doesn’t respect you he doesn’t value you.

Let us all love and respect ourselves enough to let go and leave people who don’t respect us. One day you’ll thank God for purging out some people in your life

Love addicted

I’m sick of being sick of love. My heart has always been intertwined in its harmony. I’m either too good, too kind too understanding, too generous or too loving which is most of the time unrequited.

It’s a sad thing how you can get hurt so much until you say you are used to it and there can be no more pain but more love.

When I was growing up nobody cared to explain to me what really love is. Nobody ever told me that love is the greatest sacrifice, or the most evil thing that can easily change one to a psycho, or the most hurtful thing in the world.

I grew up drenched in fantasy hues but now the world has served me a plate of reality.

I have given my heart severally and all those times_ I have lost, trusted easily and hurt at the end, I have been kind and generous but instead confused for weakness, I’m still hopeful that one day I will have my Romeo.

Everyone is in a relationship to be happy, to love and be loved, to laugh and make good memories not to constantly be hurt or cry, but this is sometimes inevitable when we fall for the wrong person.

I have met all sorts and kind of men, but it is devastating when you get a partner who is dealing with different types of addictions. The manipulation, the guilt. It brings destruction and breakage and sometimes it can even destroy you.

When you show too much love to this kind of person it’s like you immediately fuel them to do all the wrong things, you find yourself saying yes when you know that, that yes will destroy you, lying to protect then and having your body turn cold from the thought of being with them. You dread seeing them when you have to see them. All at once.

It was a long excruciating road before I realized I was compromising too much and there’s nothing I could do to help. It was exhausting, heartbreaking and the pain of their self- destruction pressing relentlessly and permanently against me was too much I could not take.

I feel regularly as though I have nothing else to give him, with all my combined strength, love and unfailing will to help him, his time is not yet.

I realized a while ago that I couldn’t ride on the passengers seat with someone at the wheel who was on an undying path of self destruction.

What I do know is that when he is ready to have a change of heart and direction, I’ll be there, right to support him. He will have an army of people behind him but I will be by his side to walk on the recuperation road with him but until then.

I am powerless and hope to venture into something that matters more and appreciates my worth.

The Kind Of Love That Every Person Deserves

You deserve someone who does not only make you feel better, but makes you want to be better. He supports you and your goals. He’d listen to you blabber about your studies like it’s the most interesting topic in the world. When you’re about to give up, he’d be your cheerleader. He would keep you motivated all the way.

You deserve someone who is utterly obsessed with you. He would randomly place notes in between book pages because he knows it would make you smile. He would call you at 2am just to tell you he wants to hear your voice. He would drive for 3 hours just to see you for an hour because he misses you. He would send you peonies because he knows you love them. He would text you good morning not because he feels obligated to do so, but because you’re the first thing on his mind from the moment he wakes up.

You deserve to be treated like a choice, not an option. You are not someone’s “maybe.” He would treat you like a priority. He would love you consistently. He would always be there especially whenever you need him. He would make an effort to be with you. He would show you that you are his one and only

A Good Man Is The Most Difficult Kind Of Man To Love

It is a hard thing to love a good man. A good man is not a nice man – he does not do things to be nice, he does things because he has a moral code, a set of values he prioritizes and will always do his best to make sure that his actions are in line with his own personal standards. A good man will not do the easy thing or the convenient thing, or even the thing that he wants to do; he will do what he knows to be the good thing.

He will never lie to you to spare your feelings or attend something because social constructs deem it the courteous or polite course of action, and he will in fact do many things that anger and frustrate you. But you cannot get mad at him, because after all, he is a good man.

A good man is the man who will take his ex-girlfriends call while he’s with you, because he knows that she has anxiety and would only ever call in an emergency, and he is obligated as a good man to do whatever he can to help even when it makes those around him uncomfortable.

A good man will put the wants of friends and family before his own needs, even when he recognizes that his friends and family are being manipulative or selfish, because a good man is always loyal. Worst of all, a good man will believe that his unflinching honesty about not wanting a relationship will negate his increasingly relationship-like actions, the kind of thoughtful deeds that a good man would deem necessary in any and all interactions with a female, despite the confusion they would cause.